Lush – King of Skin body butter review

King of Skin body butter

A few years ago YouTube made me curious about the Lush products so I decided to visit the Lush store in Cardiff to check them out. After watching bath bombs fizzing away in water, bath melts melting and body lotions hydrating skin, I was determined to try their products to see if they are really so magical and beautiful as all the YouTubers were telling.

Guess what? They really are! Especially this King of Skin body butter. As they describe it on their website this is indeed a luxury butter bar for a royally soft skin.

They recommend it to be used in the shower, but you can also use it right after or whenever you feel the need to hydrate your skin. I use it after I wax/epilate or just when I’m in the mood for a royal treatment. I recently discovered that it is perfect after you went for a sunbath and your skin feels tight and dehydrated.

In addition to the fact that it is super hydrating, it contains a mix of natural ingredients such as bananas and avocados whipped into a luxurious blend of coconut oil, cocoa, shea butter, oat milk and calming lavender oil. All these ingredients help soothing, calming, softening and conditioning the skin, as well as adding a delicious smell. Because it contains ingredients that allow it to soften around body temperature it melts in contact with the skin.

All you need to do is swipe the bar over your rough bits first, then sparingly everywhere else. The bar will melt as it warms up and will deposit lots of butter on your hands and body. So use a light touch with the bar, and spread/massage the butter in with what’s left on your hands. The deep moisturization lasts days, even improving the skin over time.

The only not so glamorous thing about this product is the fact that it takes a  while to soak in, but you can schedule some “me time” and after you “dressed” yourself in oil you can do some tasks around the house, as you were born, naked. I”m sure no one will complain :).

LUSH only sells vegan products which are not tested on animals. King of Skin body butter is one of them. They are really passionate about the animals and they won’t do anything to hurt them, therefore, they use human volunteers to test their products. You can find more details about their values here.

The bar has 75 g and in the UK it is £ 6.45

King of Skin Body Butter – Price Tag

You can check all the ingredients below. If you click on them you will be taken to the Lush page where you will find their description:

In conclusion, I would definitely recommend this product so whenever you get the chance to visit a Lush store don’t forget to check this product out.
Please let me know if you also tried it and what do you think of it.

Hugs and Kisses!



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