My beloved lipsticks – Kiko Double Touch and Kiko Unlimited Touch


My last beauty review was about my favourite highlighter, now I want to tell you about my favourite lipsticks, Double Touch lipstick from Kiko Milano.

I discovered these lipsticks 2 years ago when a friend of mine told me about a miracle lipstick that won’t smudge and won’t transfer for hours. I wanted to try it and I was amazed to discover that she was right and the lipstick stayed in place when I drank water or kissed a tissue paper just minutes after I applied it (for the research sake). It sounds wonderful? well, it is. From the minute I tried it I wanted all of them.

But because we don’t always get what we want I only own 6 shades of the old version (115, 114, 113, 112, 104, 111, 100)

and 3 of the new one, Unlimited Double Touch (102,105, 109).

Kiko released a new version of the lipstick  I have a feeling they changed the formula a bit, but it is still as good as it was. They also changed the brush which is in a heart shape as you can see it in the picture on the right and they added new shades to the collection which is wonderful. You can choose from 24 shades and I’m sure you can find your favourite one no matter how fussy you are.

I own the colour 102 Soft Rose, 105 Scarlet Red and 109 Strawberry red. I am very satisfied with all of them, the texture is really nice, it doesn’t feel sticky and it dries out pretty fast, but you don’t feel your lips dry.  It is very easy to apply, you only have to follow some simple steps: apply the first coat, which is the colored one, you wait for a couple of  minutes until it is completely dry and then you can apply the second coat, the clear one, which will help the lipstick stay on for longer. I feel like it hydrates the lips and doesn’t dry them.

Another tip I have for you is to use a lip pencil every time you want to achieve its real colour or if you want to change it a bit. I noticed that if you wear it directly on your lips you will end up with a slightly different color depending on your lips colour and on how much product do you use. You can also use a lighter or darker shade of lip pencil to change the end result into something new. Most of the times this is how I wear the lipsticks. I combine them with a totally different lip pencil. I like diversity and to play around. The finish is semi-matte, at first is glossy, but you can get rid of the gloss with the help of a tissue paper.

I have to tell you that it will fade after eating some greasy or oily food, but then you can do a touch-up and it is fine again. You don’t need to take it off completely. Just reapply where the colour has faded, add the lipgloss and you are good to go. When you want to take it off I recommend using an oil based makeup remover to make it easier to get rid of it. At the moment I use a makeup remover from ROC and it does its job perfectly fine.

I highly recommend this product for an everyday look and any occasion where you have to wear your makeup for the whole day or night. You will be able to drink, eat and even kiss with it and still have it on! If your man is afraid to kiss you when you are wearing a red lipstick, he can finally kiss you without getting all the colour!

Can’t wait to try the other shades as well. The next ones on my list are the following: 122 Bordeaux, 123 Satin Grape and 124 Rouge Noir. I want to try the darker ones as well and because there is no girl with too many lipsticks, in the end, I want to try them all.

You can find the Double Touch Lipstick at 3.40 Euro, but only a couple of shades are still available, and the Unlimited Double Touch at 8.95 Euro. Also, if you want to find out details about the delivery costs check out this link.

In this picture I’m wearing Kiko Double Touch 114 with a pink lip pencil.

I hope you found this post helpful!




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