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Not long ago I decided to purchase a personalized planner from the website. I was looking for the perfect planner for a while and I was very happy to discover this website because it gives you the option to personalize both the inside and the outside of your planner.

First of all, they have a couple of different options in sizes and you can choose which one suits you best. I chose A5 because it gives me the perfect amount of space I need to plan my days and it’s small enough to fit inside a purse.
Then you can choose what cover you like the most, either you choose what they already offer on their website or you can upload your own picture. I decided to go with the upload and I added a picture of pink peonies because I’m in love with them. The image printed beautifully on a high gloss paper. It also comes with a plastic cover.
You can also add a title to your planner and I added the name of my blog and the year I purchased it. Another cool thing is the fact that you can choose the month you want your planner to start with. So if you decide to purchase a planner in August you won’t have January- July in your planner.

To make it more customizable they also offer you the possibility to choose the colour of the elastic closure, and you can choose from grey, white, blue, red, green, turquoise, pink, mauve and black. I went for pink because I think it goes with the cover I chose.

It also comes with a ruler, you can also choose the colour of your ruler, I just went for a pink one to match the elastic and the cover. You can use it as a page marker, it is very easy to snap it in and out.

Then you can play around and choose the layout that suits you best. At this stage, you can add different details like a weather box, a workout one, if you want it to be ruled or not, striped, and so on. You can even choose the theme you want.


Another interesting thing is the fact that you can add a list of personal dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, events etc. and they will be added to your personal planner. At the beginning of each month, they have a “month-at-glance” spread where you can see all the upcoming events.


At the end you can choose your own back pages, in what order you want them and how many of each and what should go on the first 2-page spread of your planner, like your name, address or some inspirational messages. I decided to have several lined pages in the back of the planner. I use these to write random information that I need and they don’t find their home anywhere else in my planner. And for the first page, I went with two quotes I love.


After you place your order the delivery takes within two weeks and the shipping is included in the price e.i. the delivery is free and they ship worldwide!!! 🙂 This planner is such a great quality : the paper is thick and resistant and everything is just perfect.

I forgot to mention that the planner comes with a top-loading envelope where you can add your stickers, bills, or whatever you want. I find it useful and I’m happy they add it.

The quality of this planner is great, the paper is thick and resistant and everything is just perfect.

Head over to and try it yourself! 🙂 If you have questions about it don’t hesitate to contact me.
Please let me know if you decide to buy one for you and if you found this post helpful.




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