My beloved lipsticks – Kiko Double Touch and Kiko Unlimited Touch


My last beauty review was about my favourite highlighter, now I want to tell you about my favourite lipsticks, Double Touch lipstick from Kiko Milano.

I discovered these lipsticks 2 years ago when a friend of mine told me about a miracle lipstick that won’t smudge and won’t transfer for hours. I wanted to try it and I was amazed to discover that she was right and the lipstick stayed in place when I drank water or kissed a tissue paper just minutes after I applied it (for the research sake). It sounds wonderful? well, it is. From the minute I tried it I wanted all of them.

But because we don’t always get what we want I only own 6 shades of the old version (115, 114, 113, 112, 104, 111, 100)

and 3 of the new one, Unlimited Double Touch (102,105, 109).

Kiko released a new version of the lipstick  I have a feeling they changed the formula a bit, but it is still as good as it was. They also changed the brush which is in a heart shape as you can see it in the picture on the right and they added new shades to the collection which is wonderful. You can choose from 24 shades and I’m sure you can find your favourite one no matter how fussy you are.

I own the colour 102 Soft Rose, 105 Scarlet Red and 109 Strawberry red. I am very satisfied with all of them, the texture is really nice, it doesn’t feel sticky and it dries out pretty fast, but you don’t feel your lips dry.  It is very easy to apply, you only have to follow some simple steps: apply the first coat, which is the colored one, you wait for a couple of  minutes until it is completely dry and then you can apply the second coat, the clear one, which will help the lipstick stay on for longer. I feel like it hydrates the lips and doesn’t dry them.

Another tip I have for you is to use a lip pencil every time you want to achieve its real colour or if you want to change it a bit. I noticed that if you wear it directly on your lips you will end up with a slightly different color depending on your lips colour and on how much product do you use. You can also use a lighter or darker shade of lip pencil to change the end result into something new. Most of the times this is how I wear the lipsticks. I combine them with a totally different lip pencil. I like diversity and to play around. The finish is semi-matte, at first is glossy, but you can get rid of the gloss with the help of a tissue paper.

I have to tell you that it will fade after eating some greasy or oily food, but then you can do a touch-up and it is fine again. You don’t need to take it off completely. Just reapply where the colour has faded, add the lipgloss and you are good to go. When you want to take it off I recommend using an oil based makeup remover to make it easier to get rid of it. At the moment I use a makeup remover from ROC and it does its job perfectly fine.

I highly recommend this product for an everyday look and any occasion where you have to wear your makeup for the whole day or night. You will be able to drink, eat and even kiss with it and still have it on! If your man is afraid to kiss you when you are wearing a red lipstick, he can finally kiss you without getting all the colour!

Can’t wait to try the other shades as well. The next ones on my list are the following: 122 Bordeaux, 123 Satin Grape and 124 Rouge Noir. I want to try the darker ones as well and because there is no girl with too many lipsticks, in the end, I want to try them all.

You can find the Double Touch Lipstick at 3.40 Euro, but only a couple of shades are still available, and the Unlimited Double Touch at 8.95 Euro. Also, if you want to find out details about the delivery costs check out this link.

In this picture I’m wearing Kiko Double Touch 114 with a pink lip pencil.

I hope you found this post helpful!



Yesterday morning all the internet was full of the Golden Globes Awards 2017 articles, pictures and videos. After I checked everything out (because I want to know what is happening at Hollywood) I picked a few of my favourite moments and red carpet outfits to share it with you.

  1. Blake Lively wore a dress by Atelier Versace. This is my favourite because it has pockets, and who doesn’t like a dress with pockets !? It is shinny and it’s from black velvet ❤ just perfect!

2. Evan Rachel Wood was different, wearing a custom design suit from Joseph Altuzarra, a suit that made her look sexy without showing any skin. Really nice!

3. Emma Stone wore a dress by Valentino Haute Couture. She looked like an ice princess to me. I love it.4. Giuliana Rancic wore a dress By Rani Zajhem. She looked like a Spring princess. I would totally wear this dress as a wedding dress, even though it is pink 😉

5. Sofia Vergara wore a dress by Zuhair Murad. This woman could wear a paper bag and she would still be sexy. The hairstyle, the jewellery, the makeup and the dress are just perfect!6. Kristin Cavallari wore a dress by Idan Cohen and looked like an angel. Her gown is lovely, featuring full beading and plenty of sheer elements.7. Reese Witherspoon wore a custom dress by Atelier Versace and the jewels by Tiffany & Co. The cut of this dress looks amazing on her body and even though it has a décolletage and a high slit it is still elegant and classy.

8. Naomi Campbell wore a dress by Atelier Versace. Even though she is 46-year-old she still looks the same as when she first started her modelling career. She rocked an intricate one-shoulder, lavender and black gown, which looked like a work of art. Amazing!

9. Thandie Newton wore a dress by MONSE. She said she looks like a cigarette wearing this dress, but I think she looks more like a gold dipped marshmallow, sweet and shiny. Classy!10. Olivia Culpo wore a dress by Zuhair Murad. A very different dress, it’s not something you would expect at the Golden Globes Awards, but beeing so special it makes it so beautiful. She made a statement on the red carpet in this head-turning colourful gown. Love it!

Besides all of these beautiful outfits, my favourite moment of the evening was the speech Meryl Streep gave. You can check it out clicking this link. –

What was your favourite outfit or moment from this year’s Golden Globes?


REVOLUTION – Vivid Baked Highlighter

Even though the product looks like a peachy pussy (don`t tell me you didn’t think of it) this is my latest favourite highlighter. Revolution – Vivid Baked Highlighter. I got it from where you can get tree other versions of it, Golden Lights, Rose Gold Lights and Pink Lights. I have the Peach Lights shade and I think this is the perfect shade for my complexity. Not too pink and not too peachy, the perfect combination of these two colours. In the picture below I’m wearing this highlighter over a subtle pink blush.


Hair by Ana Lulikova, Make-up by me. Nails OPI – Dutch Ya Just Love OPI, Highlighter – Vivid Baked Highlighter –  Peach Lights, Baked Star Blush – Fusion Soft lights Smashbox.

I like it because it is very pigmented and sparkling, but not at all glittery, it is very smooth and subtle. It gives you a subtle shine, the healthy kind. So far I got the chance to wear it at weddings and after hours of dancing, the highlighter was still in place.  Even though it has a subtle shade of peachy pink, you can add it on top of your favourite blush and it will give you the perfect glow.

I am thinking to try it as an all over the lid colour too, it must be very pretty. Also, I tried it on my body, on my collar bones and decolletage and it gives you a natural glow to the parts you want to emphasise. Having a lot of product you are free to experience and try it however you want and you will still use it for a long period of time.

I will definitely try the other shades as well, maybe Golden Lights for the summer. I think it will look great on a tanned skin.

To summarise what I wrote above I can say I recommend this product because:

  • You get a good amount of product for a fair  price
  • It is very smooth and subtle
  • It can be worn on your body as well as an eyeshadow
  • It has a good range of shades and you can choose the right one for your skin type
  • It lasts all day

Have you tried it yet? Which shade do you prefer?


Personal planner review


Not long ago I decided to purchase a personalized planner from the website. I was looking for the perfect planner for a while and I was very happy to discover this website because it gives you the option to personalize both the inside and the outside of your planner.

First of all, they have a couple of different options in sizes and you can choose which one suits you best. I chose A5 because it gives me the perfect amount of space I need to plan my days and it’s small enough to fit inside a purse.
Then you can choose what cover you like the most, either you choose what they already offer on their website or you can upload your own picture. I decided to go with the upload and I added a picture of pink peonies because I’m in love with them. The image printed beautifully on a high gloss paper. It also comes with a plastic cover.
You can also add a title to your planner and I added the name of my blog and the year I purchased it. Another cool thing is the fact that you can choose the month you want your planner to start with. So if you decide to purchase a planner in August you won’t have January- July in your planner.

To make it more customizable they also offer you the possibility to choose the colour of the elastic closure, and you can choose from grey, white, blue, red, green, turquoise, pink, mauve and black. I went for pink because I think it goes with the cover I chose.

It also comes with a ruler, you can also choose the colour of your ruler, I just went for a pink one to match the elastic and the cover. You can use it as a page marker, it is very easy to snap it in and out.

Then you can play around and choose the layout that suits you best. At this stage, you can add different details like a weather box, a workout one, if you want it to be ruled or not, striped, and so on. You can even choose the theme you want.


Another interesting thing is the fact that you can add a list of personal dates, like birthdays, anniversaries, events etc. and they will be added to your personal planner. At the beginning of each month, they have a “month-at-glance” spread where you can see all the upcoming events.


At the end you can choose your own back pages, in what order you want them and how many of each and what should go on the first 2-page spread of your planner, like your name, address or some inspirational messages. I decided to have several lined pages in the back of the planner. I use these to write random information that I need and they don’t find their home anywhere else in my planner. And for the first page, I went with two quotes I love.


After you place your order the delivery takes within two weeks and the shipping is included in the price e.i. the delivery is free and they ship worldwide!!! 🙂 This planner is such a great quality : the paper is thick and resistant and everything is just perfect.

I forgot to mention that the planner comes with a top-loading envelope where you can add your stickers, bills, or whatever you want. I find it useful and I’m happy they add it.

The quality of this planner is great, the paper is thick and resistant and everything is just perfect.

Head over to and try it yourself! 🙂 If you have questions about it don’t hesitate to contact me.
Please let me know if you decide to buy one for you and if you found this post helpful.


Review șampon și balsam Planeta Organica – Organic Store

Nu de mult s-a deschis un nou magazin în Iulius Mall Iaşi la etajul 1 – Organic Store. Acesta se adresează tuturor pesoanelor care își doresc să folosească produse cosmetice organice cu ingrediente naturale care protejează sănătatea.
sursa foto:

În acest magazin puteți găsi produse de la diverse brand-uri care folosesc ingrediente din plante din Siberia, uleiuri si extracte organice, fără parabeni sau siliconi. Câteva dintre brand-urile pe care le veți găsi în magazin sunt : Natura Siberica, Organic Shop, Bunica Agafia, Planeta Organica, Doctor Bio.

Pe langă produse de îngrijire corporală puteți găsi și o gamă completă de make-up care include tot ce vă doriți de la fond de ten, pudră, farduri, rimel, rujuri, gloss-uri si multe altele. Acestea au în componență ingrediente naturale la  fel ca toate produsele din magazin.

Fiind foarte curioasă am decis sa încerc câteva produse, care m-au surprins frumos prin eficiența și aroma lor deosebită. În continuarea acestui articol voi prezenta șamponul si balsamul de la Planeta Organica și voi reveni zilele următoare cu review-urile celorlalte produse pe care le-am încercat.

sampon planeta organicaȘamponul cu 10% ulei de nucă de macadamia este destinat părului gras, pe care promite să îl hrănească, să întărească și să refacă firul de păr făcându-l strălucitor si mătăsos.

Am incercat acest șampon și pot să zic că sunt foarte mulțumită de rezultate. După fiecare spălare mi-a lăsat părul mătăsos și cu un aspect sănătos. L-am folosit o dată sau de două ori pe săptămână pentru că părul meu nu se îngrașă foarte repede, însă de fiecare dată a fost nevoie de 2 șamponări pentru că la prima șamponare nu se formează spumă suficientă.
Am folosit șamponul împreună cu balsamul cu ulei de nucă de macadamia, dar și împreună cu balsamul cu unt de mango. Mirosul este unul subtil, dar foarte plăcut. Eu am părul uscat şi am mereu nevoie de un şampon şi balsam care sa hidrateze bine, dar în același timp să îmi și curețe părul, iar combinația de șampon și balsam de la Planeta organică a făcut asta pentru mine, chiar dacă șamponul nu e conceput pentru un fir de păr uscat. Am fost foarte mulțumită și voi recumpăra aceste produse.

Mai jos am adăugat lista ingredientelor din șampon și balsam și am fost foarte surprisă să observ ca mai mult de 60% din ingrediente sunt naturale și blânde cu firul de păr.

Preț: 10 RON
Volum: 250 ml

Ingredients șampon: Agua, Organic Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, (ulei de seminte de nucă de macadamia),  Sodium Coco-Sulfate (detergent sintetic), Glycerin, Coco-Glucoside (agent blând de spumare), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (un compus organic obținut din ulei de cocos), Quercus Robur Bark extract (extract din scoarță de stejar), Juniperus Communis Fruit Extract (Extract de ienupăr), Santalum Album (Sandalwood) Oil, (ulei de lemn de santal), Cetearyl Alcohol (agent de spumare), Xanthan gum (agent de îngroșare), Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (compus organic), Potassium Sorbate (conservant), Sodium Chloride (sare), Parfum.

Balsamul cu unt de mango  este destinat părului normal/uscat, acesta fiind un balsam hidratant. Așa cum promite mi-a hidratat părul suficient de mult cât să nu îl simt gras imediat după ce l-am uscat, dar mătăsos și strălucitor, părul meu fiind în mod normal aspru și uscat. Sunt hotărâtă sa îl recumpăr imediat ce îl voi termina.


Pret: 10 RON
Volum: 250 ml

Ingredients balsam păr: Aqua with infusion of Organic Mangifera Indica (Mango) Seed butter (apă cu infuzie de unt din semințe de mango) , Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil (ulei de cocos), Tamarindus Indica Leaf extract (extract din frunze de tamarind), Cetearyl Alcohol (agent de spumare), Behentrimonium Chloride (agent antistatic), Cetrimonium Chloride (agent antiseptic), Tocopheryl Acetate(component al vitaminei E), Parfum, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride (compus organic), Benzyl Alcohol (alcool aromatic), Dehydroacetic Acid(compus organic), Sodium Benzoate (conservant), Potassium Sorbate (sare), Citric Acid (acid citric).



Rezervarea restaurantului pentru nuntă

tent-wedding-receptionSursa foto :

Pentru ca sezonul nunților a început deja, probabil că multe dintre cuplurile care s-au hotarat să se casătorească inspirate fiind de nunțile prietenilor și multitudinea fotografiilor apărute pe Facebook recent, se gândesc sa facă primul pas pentru o nuntă de vis, și anume închirierea restaurantului.

Înainte de a merge la primul restaurant care vă vine în minte este recomandat să vă gândiți la stilul pe care îl doriți pentru nuntă, pentru a  creea o atmosferă relaxantă și armonioasă. Alegerea restaurantului potrivit stilului nunții precum și dorințelor voastre este foarte importantă pentru reușita petrecerii de nuntă.

Rezervarea restaurantului se face cu aproximativ un an inainte de nuntă, aceasta pentru a vă asigura că îl rezervți pe cel dorit și nu ce a mai rămas liber pentru data nunții voastre. Înainte de a-l rezerva trebuie să stabiliți stilul nunții, astfel încat restaurantul să fie conform dorințelor voastre.
Trebuie să urmariți ca decorul restaurantului să se potrivească cu decorațiunile pe care vi le doriți, dacă luminozitatea este potrivită, daca se poate amenaja un ring de dans suficient de mare și dacă locația este accesibila invitatilor.
Este foarte important să stiți câți invitați veți avea la nuntă acesta fiind următorul criteriu de a alege restaurantul.

Pentru a obține un raport calitate/preț cât mai bun va trebui să întocmiți o listă bine organizată pentru fiecare restaurant la care v-ați interesat, astfel veți putea face comparațiile foarte clar.

Pentru că îmi doresc să vă vin în ajutor am creat o listă completă cu toate întrebările necesare pentru a afla tot ceea ce este important pentru voi în seara nunții.

Sper să vă fie de folos!

intrebari1 intrebari2intrebari3intrebari4

Dacă doriți să descărcați lista cu întrebări în format PDF o gasiți AICI.

Pupici cu sclipici!
Diana MaryD